The New York Times - Unhitched: Divorce Column, launched 2013
   •   In a Confrontation, a Secret is Revealed 1/16/2013
   •   Making it Last (a couple that stayed together!) 12/20/13
   •   Backing it Off Wanting All From a Spouse 11/14/13
   •   Lessons Learned When it's All Over  8/11/2013
   •   Disappointments in Happily Ever After 9/22/2013
   •   When Nest Emptied, Discontent Entered 11/10/2013
   •   Backing Off "Wanting it All" From a Spouse 11/14/2013

The New York Times - VOWS & Weddings
   •  State of the Unions: One more aboard the RV 1/2/2013
   •  VOWS: A Reluctant Bride Conquers Her Fears 12/27/13
   •  Gay and Lesbian Pre-nups: If Forever Doesn't Work Out 3/25/12
   •  Field Notes: Pursuing a New Path Down the Aisle 10/6/2013
   •  Lindsay Benner and Dan Das Mann The Sparks Flew 6/21/2013
•  VOWS: Past columns
The Washington Post Magazine:
   •  Clams for Nixon: In 1969, San Clemente gets its day in the sun, but for one local girl,   the changes bring trouble

The Center for Investigative Reporting:
   •   Survivor of Your Black Muslim Bakery Speaks Out 8/2/2012 (multimedia)
            Public Television: Live interview and behind the story

The New York Times: Essays, Articles and Columns
   •   Styles: Forever, the Girl with the Unicorn Tattoo 5/5/2013
   •   NYT Travel: Oakland, the new Brooklyn 4/8/2012
   •   Modern Love: My View from the Margins

   •   NYT Magazine Lives: Hi, I'm Louisa. I Mean Eliza. I Mean Sam.
   •   Local Intel: International Bird Rescue
   •   Local Intel: Crossfit
   •   Local Intel: Children's Bell Tower
   •   Local Intel: Little Farm
   •   Local Intel: Samiramis Imports
   •   Local Intel: Nourse Auditorium
   •   Local Intel: Eichler's SF
   •   Local Intel: Sunol Water Temple
   •   Local Intel: SF Armory - Kink!
   •   Local Intel: Bulwinkleland
   •   Local Intel: East Bay Archery
   •   Local Intel: Earthquake Cottages
   •   Local Intel: It's a blimp? No!
   •   Local Intel: City Goats?
   •   Local Intel: Oakland Arts
   •   Local Intel: Salmon Sex
   •   Local Intel: Bimbo's?
   •   Local Intel: Community Gardens
   •   Local Intel: Tugboats?!
   •   Local Intel: St. Mary's Park
   •   Local Intel: SFO Noise Abatement Room
   •   Local Intel: Skate Stoppers
   •   Local Intel: Draline Tong Herbs
   •   Local Intel: Los Centzontles
   •   Local Intel: It's It  (yum)
   •   Local Intel: San Quentin Hobby Shop
(bummer, now closed)
   •   Local Intel: Martinez Bocce Courts
   •   Local Intel: Kennedy Tunnel
   •   Local Intel: Sutro Tower
   •   Local Intel: Clarion Alley
   •   Local Intel: C & H Sugar Sign

   •  Local Intel: Oakland's Mormon Temple
   •  Local Intel: A Fish Story (one of my favorites)
   •  Local Intel: Fernandez Mansion
   •  Local Intel: City Hall Steps
   •  NYT Magazine Lives:  Rent-A-Dog: In Tokyo, love couldn't be bought.
   •  NYT Health: It's Never Too Late to Be a Surfer Chick
   •  NYT Travel: 36 Hours, Berkeley, California

   •  NYT Opinion: Houses Too Clean for Comfort
   •  Signoff: Better to Have Loved and Lost...Maybe Not
Lives: Dirty Laundry (The first NYT Magazine Lives column)
   •  NYT Travel: Secondhand Souvenirs
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